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Little Lou's Monsters

Little Lou sees monsters. His unique and imaginative way of seeing everyday things gives parents the opportunity to teach, while kids enjoy the fun, bright illustrations. Come and explore Little Lou’s world. In Ten Monsters, you are introduced to Mommy Monster, Daddy Monster, Tickle Monster and seven more. While you read—you can teach shapes, numbers, colors and rhyming.


Little Lou is a boy who experiences life through monsters. These monsters are people, emotions, behaviors and things. We have introduced ten monsters in our first book. We love reading books to our own kids! Over time, we have discovered the things we like and don’t like about children's books. We feel the best books are those that help kids learn. One of the best ways for kids to learn is with parent interaction. We designed each page with colors and shapes, creating a great opportunity for you and your children to talk about these basic learning elements. Each page also has a number of shapes, which you can practice counting with children, helping them learn numbers. We also included rhyming words to help children recognize the sound and interaction of words with each other. We hope you enjoy reading Little Lou's Ten Monsters as much as we do!

Book Cover Image Book Lou's Room Page Outside Monster Page Mommy Monster Page Slobber Monster Page Daddy Monster Page Ten Monster Page

We hope to get Ten Monsters printed soon. Until we do please contact us with your interest in a printed copy and we will get back to you when they become available.

Little Lou's Monsters
Cut and Color

Click on the image below to download this color and cut page of Sock Monster.

Sock Monster Color and Cut Shhet
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